Vital Pulp Therapy of an Immature Traumatized Permanent Tooth with External Inflammatory Root Resorption, a Case Report

Document Type : Case Report



External inflammatory root resorption is a serious complication of a dentaltrauma, which leads to progressive loss of the tooth structure and destruction ofperiodontal tissues. Therefore, it represents a challenge in endodontic practiceespecially in cases of young children with incomplete root development.Vital pulp therapy (VPT) is an appropriate technique in the managementof immature permanent teeth with partial pulp necrosis. This case reportdescribes the outcome of a successful VPT in an immature traumatizedpermanent tooth with concurrent associated partial necrosis and external rootresorption limited to the coronal part of the root in a 7-year-old boy. The toothwas treated according to the protocol suggested by American Association ofEndodontics (AAE), consisted of disinfecting the root canal system beyondthe resorptive lesion. Afterwards, mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) waspacked into the coronal portion of the canal and the tooth was restored withcomposite resin. The radiographic follow-up at 3 months showed arrest ofroot resorption followed by re-establishment of the periodontal space at 6 and12 months in the absence of clinical symptoms. The satisfactory outcome ofthis case suggests that this conservative approach can heal a partially necroticpulp and create a favorable environment for continued root development, andarrest of the resorptive process.